A Parable

On a warm summer evening, the great Persian king Darius and his scribe Cyrus were walking through the palace gardens. As Cyrus was dutifully transcribing tomorrow’s tasks the king lent forward, his eye caught by a particularly striking flower. Feeling a whisper of cold air behind him, Cyrus turned, only to behold Death, his scythe shimmering below the light of the naked moon.

Before death had a chance to speak, Cyrus alerted the king frantically and breathless that he must immediately leave for Acre, he had seen Death and wished to get as far away from the palace as possible. He took the fastest horse and set off.

Confused and worried for his scribe, the king continued walking through the gardens.

The king, startled and confused, continued his walk through the palace gardens and to  his surprise, found Death. Darius walked up to him,

“Why did you frighten my poor scribe”, queried King Darius.

“It was not my intention”, replied Death, continuing, “I only came to inform him that I would see him on the road to Acre tonight”.

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