An Ode To Ambling
To walk, not even with a purpose, just to walk aimlessly is to live in an entirely different way.

Become What You Are
Man is infinitely more than what he would be if he were reduced to being what he is.

Meditations on the Garden
The garden is a palace of resistance against the frenetic and frenzied pursuits of modern life.

On Simplicity
One of the most influential yet largely unnoticed myths of our society is that we must seek out and experience as many pleasures in life as possible. Inversely, it manifests as the perturbed feeling that we are never really enjoying ourselves enough…

On Writer’s Block
Just as you cannot stimulate relaxation or control freedom, you also cannot force creativity.

Silence is more than a phenomenon marked by the absence of sound. Silence is an ideal.

The Pleasure of Eating
Our approach to farming betrays the capitalist impulse that has degraded so much of the rest of society. Everything is to be measured in quantities, not qualities; food is to be measured in terms of volume and productivity, not nutrition and taste…

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